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Who is beardfoot?

bf-hori-logoBeardfoot Bookings & Promotions is the brainchild of local musician and booking agent Josh Terlick.
This latest venture, based in WA, will focus on delivering a quality and complete artist booking and promotional service for Australian touring acts throughout the Australasian region.

With a focus on bespoke booking solutions for differing styles and genres of musical acts, Beardfoot Bookings & Promotions is proud to announce, as part of its launch, the signing of prog metal purveyors Voyager and hip hop genre benders The Brow as their first two client acts.

With international tours already in the pipeline for Voyager, and upcoming releases and national touring for The Brow, Beardfoot Bookings & Promotions is looking forward to a busy first year with many more to come.


Mob: 0430 313 577
Email: josh@beardfoot.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com.au/BeardfootBookings