You know you’ve witnessed a rock and roll event when you fear for the safety of the performers on stage. Axe Girl’s , front woman, Addison, performs as if her very existence depends on it. From the moment she steps up to the mic and the band rumbles into motion behind her, she’s transported, visiting us from another world. A reality where the only thing that counts is the intensity and urgency of the performance. When Axe Girl perform, expect to see jaws drop; audiences that weren’t sure what they were about to witness rush the stage to get closer; people compelled to movement. Axe Girl are the authentic item and they mesmerise audiences like few bands can. Hailing from Fremantle, Western Australia, where it’s long been known that some kind of magic periodically releases to the world a band of unique majesty, Axe Girl are in good company. And they’re that good, nay great, that it’s not a stretch to say that they’re next in line to be taking their own version of the Fremantle sound to the world. On top of their incandescent live show, Axe Girl have a swag of songs cast in their own original mould — yet almost instantly familiar — that will open any doors they want to step through.

‘Boom! …blistering guitar chords, driving bass lines and explosive belting vocals …if you like fast paced rock and punchy songs, Axe Girl are for you’ TONE DEAF

‘Axe Girl offering up some zero-shits-given rock and it’s well tasty.’ Dave Ruby Howe, TRIPLE J

‘Anthemic, tongue-in-cheek pop-rock awesomeness’ X-PRESS

‘These cats earn the ear worm award for Give Me Your Tee Shirt which has had constant rotation in my head, aided by the rip-your-heart-out cuteness and vocal prowess of lead singer Addison’ X-PRESS

‘Explosive feminine vocals of Axe, reminiscent of Metric’s Emily Haines or Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.’ AMNPLIFY

‘(The) mix of pop-punk infused bubblegum is an absolute delight …highly addictive’ DESERT HIGHWAYS



Gig Guide
Sat 7 Mar 2020
Women’s Fest
Clancy’s Fish Pub
Fremantle, WA
Fri 20 Mar 2020
w/ The Smith Street Band
Rock Rover
Fremantle, WA