Statues is a progressive hardcore band from Perth, Western Australia.
Since their foundation in 2009, Statues has become renowned for their extremely high energy live shows, treating everything and everyone as a part of the performance.

In 2015, Statues released their debut record, “Together We’re Alone” to fantastic critical reception, Sputnik Music described it as “mind-blowing in both craziness and shear heaviness.”

After releasing the line-up’s debut single “Dogswamp” the band knuckled down to write what would become their most ambitious work to date. “No Grave, No Burial” is a concept album set in the heart of a civil war, the character must find safety by leaving his home. To escape he must lose loved ones, battle his own demons, face who took all he knows and uncover a horrific truth at the end of his struggles. He fights to find freedom, only to uncover further persecution and a bleak reality.

The debut single and title track tells the story of sudden loss through conflict and horrific circumstance. To survive, the character must reluctantly leave their loved one behind and begin to grieve without closure. Musically the track sets the tone of the record, dark and foreboding but progressive and deep. Statues explore a new direction, whilst maintaining a strong connection to their roots that has made them known as one of the premier live bands in Australian heavy music, sharing stages with the likes of Northlane, Norma Jean, Every Time I Die, Stray from the Path and Touché Amoré.

Alex Shom – Vocals
Scott Kay – Guitar
Matthew Templeman – Bass
John Overthrow – Guitar
Matt Unkovich – Drums




Gig Guide
Sat 28 July, 2018
Rust In Perth
Civic Hotel
Perth, WA