The Omnific is a progressive band consisting of two bass players and a drummer from Melbourne, Australia. Since their debut release ‘Sonorous’ EP in November 2016, the band has gained immense interest from all corners of the globe.

Their sophomore EP ‘Kismet’, released November 2017, showcases the development of the band’s music over the year, demonstrating the cascading elements of the music they create. ‘Kismet’ walks a solid line between being an attention-commanding virtuosic release and a masterful soundscape of epic proportions.

The Omnific’s accessible style is for all music lovers; from those seeking to be challenged to those who simply wish to be blanketed by atmosphere, creating an identifiable sound and resulting in a strong, diverse international fan base.

Gaining interest and endorsements from reputable industry companies such as Ernie Ball Music Man and Darkglass Electronics, The Omnific is quickly cementing themselves as one of Australia’s must-see progressive outfits.

With their online videos accumulating over one million views, and over 29,000 Facebook likes – The Omnific’s unique style is spreading like wildfire.




Gig Guide
Fri 1 Mar 2019
w/ COG
The Cambridge Hotel
Newcastle NSW
Sat 2 Mar 2019
w/ COG
Wollongong NSW
Fri 12 July 2019
w/ COG
The Croxton Bandroom
Melbourne, VIC